Vision Correction

Absolutely be able to say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses

LASIK eye surgery is the most highly developed type of laser eye surgery used today to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK is actually a contraction for the medical term, Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis which describes a process whereby a laser is used to reshape your cornea from within. LASIK eye surgery is also the most common type of laser vision improvement performed around the world and here for patients with these visualization problems.

This type of laser eye surgery is called lamellar eye surgery it is performed between the layers of your cornea. In performing the LASIK eyes surgery process, our LASIK surgeon begins by placing a few eye drops in your eyes to unmoving the surface of your eye. This is to make you are relaxed during your eye treatment.You will not experience.

I Any discomfort during your procedure.Our LASIK eye surgeons will create a very thin layer, which is a flap of clear tissue in the middle of the cornea. The application of the laser can take anywhere from 20-60 seconds depending on the type of instruction to be corrected. Our LASIK surgeon is then able to quietly fold the flap.

Over and allow the inner layer of your cornea to be visible so that the laser can be applied. The laser and its submission time are watchfully controlled by a computer in the laser that our LASIK surgeon and staff have determined and programmed based on their capacity and calculations gathered from your LASIK eye surgery session.


LASIK surgery treatments and reshape your cornea for clear vision

Used to correct your refractive errors, LASIK eye surgery is a dealing that reshapes your cornea in order to produce your clear vision. The LASIK refractive eye surgery procedure can treat myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism, and to reduce patients’ addiction on contact lenses and spectacles. Because refractive errors obstruct the focusing aptitude of the eye, patients suffer from these situation experience blurred vision. LASIK eye surgery provides these individuals with a successful treatment option, where a prearranged amount of corneal tissue is removed. This reshaping of the cornea improves your eye’s focusing power and enhancesyours visual sharpness. A good candidate for LASIK eye surgery must meet several general fundamentals.

LASIK patients should be at least 17 years old, demonstrate no change in refraction for at least one year, and have reasonable expectations regarding the results of LASIK eye surgery. Patients who have qualified an eye infection or injury in the past year should not undergo LASIK.


If you are interested in LASIK, our eye surgeon or optometrist can determine if you are a candidate for the process. During a comprehensive eye exam, your LASIK eye surgeon will check your eyes and checkup history. During the first few days after your LASIK eye surgery, it is important to avoid bumping or roughness your eyes.

It is normal and expected for you to have a mild awareness of something in my eye, but you will frequently be comfortable. Our LASIK surgeon and staff will be giving you complete information regarding eye drops to use to assist with the curing process after your LASIK eye surgery.